King Faisal Schools’ Faculty Visit the 33rd Janadriyah Festival of Heritage and Culture

Sun, 01/13/2019 - 08:51

As part of the recreation activities organized by the Public Relations and Media Department at King Faisal Schools, the Schools’ faculty visited the 33rd Janadriyah Festival of Heritage and Culture, an annual celebration of Saudi heritage and culture, to strengthen the bonds, enhance the communications and keep pace with the important national events which meet the Schools’ expectations to create a convenient environment for its faculty through being closely exposed to the national authentic heritage, culture, traditions and values of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The visitors enjoyed a tour throughout the festival arena and had the chance to visit the arts and cultural exhibits and pavilions of Saudi cities and their handicrafts, food and traditional folklores. At the end of the trip, visitors expressed their appreciation about this beautiful cultural event and were looking forward for further visits in the future.