KG Graduation Ceremony

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 08:14

‘The Good Old Days’ was the theme of the joyful night when our little ones received their first academic awards.  The young graduates got to witness their moms and dads times; the 80’s cars, video tapes, cassettes and songs.

KG Principal, Mrs. Sadeem Alkadi, spoke about the various activities kids do all year to develop their minds and enhance their skills.

The celebration started with ‘Open Sesame’  by the Kiwi class, followed by many songs and sketches:  ‘Eye of the tiger’, ‘Ghostbusters’,Happy days’, ‘Fly Bird’, ‘Celebration’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘High above the sky’

Camera flashes were all over the place as the young stars walked on the red carpet to receive their certificates.  See you in grade one boys and girls!