Al-Faisal Nights Bazaar

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:00

Young energetic Saudi entrepreneurs, sales persons, organizers and volunteers gave a glimpse of a new vibrant Saudi culture, when Al-Faisal Nights bazaar was held on KFS campus from 15-18/3/2018.  3 beautiful nights were enjoyed by the whole community.  There was something for everyone and every age group; art booths, food trucks, spooky rooms and amusement park type activities.  Alternatively, a cup of coffee on the green field, under blue skies and Riyadh breeze made the night for many.

HRH Prince Turki AlFaisal, one of the founders of KFS visited the bazaar on 16/3.

Sponsors of the nights were: Shawermer and Signature as golden sponsors, in addition to Jibal IT Solutions, Art and Talent, FP7, Midea, AlRajhi Bank and Kareem as the transportation sponsor.