Hour of Code

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 09:48

Supporting and enhancing students’ skills, KFS joined the whole world in celebrating The International Hour Code Event on Tues. Dec.20 2016.  Hour of Code aims to introduce computer science to students around the globe, designed to show that anybody can learn the basics of code. This is the largest learning event in history. The Primary School students were thrilled to be partnering with Hour of Code for the third year in a row and the Primary School’s Management was keen that all students take part in this scientific event. Winners’ names, meeting the efficiency criteria in their respective programs, have been sent to the Main Website and certificates were issued for them. The General Director, Mr. Sulaiman N. AlFraih, honored the winning students high lighting the importance of such events in enabling the students to keep up with the latest progress of modern technology. Mr. AlFraih did not forget to thank the teachers for their efforts to have KFS students part of such international events.