KFS Celebrates The International Arabic Language Day

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 09:47

Speakers, learners and lovers of the Arabic language gathered around the world to celebrate The International Arabic Language Day on  Dec.18.

In their turn, King Faisal School students shared their peers in all over the world in their celebrations of this valuable event. Students of the K.G, Primary, Middle and Secondary schools paraded the campus holding signage with beautiful Arabic phrases and chanting melodious Arabic poems.

The General Director of the school, Mr. Sulaiman N. AlFraih, spoke to the students on the importance of Arabic being the language of the Holy Book, the language of billions of people across the five continents and the language that Almighty God vowed  to preserve.  It is a bridge between cultures and a practical way of adding to knowledge, perceptions and mutual understanding for peace. Our recognition of our language, he reiterated, should not be limited to this day, we need to work hard to enrich, preserve its identity and sublime status. Hence, King Faisal School spared no efforts to safeguard the language by creating a balance between Arabic and the international language of the school’s educational program.

The festivity ended by a student- prepared footage on the beauty and treasures of Arabic