Director's General Welcome

Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues,

KFS is a student-centered educational organization that keeps an eye on its country’s heritage and produces her future pioneers.  We recognize the challenges ahead of us, and are willing to work as one team to face them.  We firmly believe that the only path for true development is good education.


The future of our homeland depends on how well you are raised and educated. So, let’s draw the road map to success.  KFS will provide you with a top notch education that strives for academic excellence, supports talent and reflects on every step of the way.  Be persistent, proud of yourselves and country for the expectations of you are great.


You are the primary contributor to the success of our organization.  Thanks to you, Plans are transformed into a promising reality.  Your good work will never go in vein.


You are a vital element of the educational process.  The more you actively participate, the easier it becomes for our students to achieve their goals.  Please follow up with your children and inspire them.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to King Faisal Foundation, represented in its Secretary General, His highness Prince
Bandar bin Saud bin Khalid, KFS has been, and will continue to be, in the forefront of education in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  KFS is a non-profit organization and a manifestation of late King Faisal’s vision “Our education is based on three pillars, Faith, Knowledge and Action.”

I ask Allah to bless our work and assist us in raising an educated, united and well balanced generation.

Ziad Y. Alzakari

Director General, KFS