Admission Requirements


  The Admission Office of KFS is concerned with attending and receiving parents and students wishing to join the school. For all queries relating to admission procedures, this office can be reached at 4820802 Ext. 1108. For further detailed information, parents may meet with the principals, the Admission Officer or log in to the school’s web at

Admission Procedure :

  1. Enrollment applications for the new academic year shall be submitted within three weeks of the beginning of first semester. Admission may stay open for the first week of the new academic year in case seats are still available.
  2. Enrollment applications for the second semester shall be submitted within three weeks after the beginning of first semester. Admission may stay open for the first week of second semester if places are still available. (Only students under international programs are eligible for admission).  
  3. Parent shall fill out the Application Form and attach all required documents. The application shall receive a date by the Admission Officer upon submission.
  4. The applicant shall be called by the school for an interview or for a written test on a specified date.
  1. The Admission Committee shall, within two days of the admission test, decide whether to admit or deny the student’s application. The Admission Officer shall notify the parents of the school’s decision.
  2. The student shall not be considered officially registered unless he pays the tuition fees (first installment at least).

Admission Requirements :

  • For Pre-School, student shall not be less than three year or not more than five and half years of age at the beginning of the academic year.
  • For Grade One of the Primary School, student shall be at the age set by the MOE (generally five years and nine months).
  • The School Admission Policy doesn’t accept failing students.
  • The Admission Committee, made up of the General Director and the School Principal, shall decide on the admission of the student based on the following :
  • Availability of seats.
  • Student’s admission test and interview results.
  • Priority is given to KFS staff dependents.
  • Second priority is for students with kin at KFS.
  • Other applications will considered as per the application submission dates as well as admission test and interview results.

Interview and Admission Test :

  • For Kindergarten and Pre-School, applicants shall be interviewed by the Kindergarten Management.
  • For Grades One & Two of the Primary School, applicants shall be interviewed by the principal with emphasis on Arabic, English and math skills.
  • For Grades Three through Ten, applicants shall be tested for their English and math in English skills.
  • For Grade Elven, applicants shall be interviewed and tested for their skills in English, math and Sciences in English.


Tuition Fees :

  • Kindergarten and Pre-School Sr. 17.500 for one semester.
  • Grades (01- to – 10) Sr. 27.500 for one semester.
  • Grades (11 & 12) Sr. 30.000 for one semester.
  • After one month of beginning of the semester 75% of the tuition fees.

Transportation Fees :

  • Sr. 5.000 for each student for one academic year. (This service is not available for students living in quarters not supported by the School’s Transportation Plan).

Payment :

  • Payment can be made in cash, by cheque, credit card, bank deposit or transfer to the school’s account with the Saudi Hollandi Bank using this IBAN :


          Copy of bank deposit or transfer is to be faxed to the school at 0114821521or communicated

         to the Admission Officer at 4820802 ext. 1107 or e.mailed to :

Payment Deadlines :

  • By the middle of second semester, in the month of April, each student may reserve a place for next academic year by paying Sr. 5.000 for Kindergarten and Pre-School and Sr.10.000 for other grades. (these payments shall be considered advance payment of the tuition fees).
  • Tuition fees of second semester shall be paid in full prior to the commencement of term two.

Reimbursement of Tuition Fees :

  1. Parents are to review and sign the School’s Reimbursement Policy.
  2. Written Reimbursement Request, signed by the parent, shall be submitted to the Admission Officer or an e.mail sent to him at stating name of the student, mobile no and student school I.D. (withdrawal date of the student is the date the school is in receipt of such a letter not the date mentioned on the letter).
  3. The student is entitled for full reimbursement if he withdraws prior to the commencement of the semester.
  4. Withdrawal during second week of the semester, 30% of the paid tuition fees will be deduced.
  5. Withdrawal during the third or fourth week of the semester, 50% of the paid tuition fees will be deducted.
  6. Student withdraws after the first month of the semester shall have no right for reimbursement.

The student shall be considered a continuing student if no signed request for withdrawal is submitted by the parent.